Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Footy Fever

I took the kids to see Parramatta flog the Sharks at the Parkes Oval on Saturday night. We had a great time! We ate cheezels and had lollipops. Once the food was gone the kids soon got pretty bored. There were over 8000 people at the game, which is pretty big for Parkes standards. Considering only 10,000 people live within the town.

The biggest highlight for the kids was the big rainbow that went across the sky after it

Eels 36 - Sharks 14
Crowd: 8071

This is Reuben after I told him to smile for the camera. He's covered in cheezels and also wearing his shorts back to front, which i only discovered half way through the night..... how embarassment!


Zarna said...

see the reason they were bored was you took them to nrl! take them to afl! lots cooler more jumping for the ball less sticking head up other guys butt!

Bob said...

Zarna, I think they do that, because it's half the fun. They just have to wash their head very well after the game. Haven't you ever wondered about the smell?

Rinni said...

Zarna, you're crazy. There's not enough blood and guts in 'aerial ping-pong'! None of it is really football anyway, they all use thier hands! NRL is still better! :P Union doesn't even count...

Glad I didn't go - I hate Parramatta and would've hated to see them win over the Sharkies. Last time they played I went and Sharkes WON!

Rinni said...

Penrith is the best team though... :D

Zarna said...

They have blood & guts in AFL the players are just generally taller so it looks like less
NRL players are all a bunch of losers regardless of the team so they should just go out and beat each other up and not bother with the ball or a score just last one standing wins - now that is something I might actually pay to see

Livi said...

AFL is not a game, only something bored Victorian guys made up as an excuse to prance about with each other! What sort of New-South-Welsh-woman are you?! At least NRL guys have some muscle on them!!

Go Panthers!

Cool blog Pete! :)

Deb said...

I'm with the kids....when the food's gone, what's the point? :P