Sunday, 11 March 2007

God's Universe

This is really fascinating. It's mindblowing to contemplate this....

This is enlightening. Beyond our sun ... It's a big universe.

(Jupiter is about 1 pixel, earth is invisible)

(sun here is 1 pixel, Jupiter is invisible @ this scale)

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky. It is more than 1000 light years away.

What a massive mind-bogglingly enormous universe our God has made!


Bob said...

That's an excellent way to show how big our God is. He is just as fantastic, as you get smaller. God covers the whole spectrum.

Rinni said...

That's mind-blowing. I never really thought about space beyond our solar system. It's almost impossible to fathom that anything can be that big. We are but a speck in the universe, pretty much invisible, yet God cares for us - we are no where near invisible to Him.

Wow, as I said - mind blowing! Thanks for the illustration. I'll remember this one.

Deb said...