Saturday, 24 March 2007

Ninja tea parties over (Ninja Turtles quote)

I was pretending to be a Ninja the other day when I was cutting up Zooper Doopers for the kids. I thought i was pretty good until I sliced my finger nearly off. At least that's what it felt like. Trust me it was a lot worse than what it looks below. i went all wobbly and couldn't think properly. Naomi ran around the house panicking not knowing what to do, "should i get a bandage...should i get you want pressure on it... do you want a band aid....what should i do..."(Naomi loves the drama). Reuben was rambling some monologue about who knows what. when i yelled at him and told him to go to his room (I was in pain allright!) I said sorry later on, he didn't care. Samuel said, "How come you didn't cut it with scissors". I replied well that wouldn't be very fun! He's the only one with common sense in the house. Poor kid! I told him to go to his room too and do some Maths! He loves Maths!
Ohh the pain...! The knife went straight through my nail on my thumb and sliced my pointer finger! Close your eyes right now and feel my pain!! The knife slicing through my finger nail and into the bed of skin under my nail! Go on try it! Can you feel the pain!...................... WELL MY PAIN WAS 1000 TIMES WORSE!!!!!!
Leave a comment saying the silliest thing you've ever done to hurt yourself.


Black Eye Chick said...

The phone was ringing.

I ran to get there in time.

I picked it up.


Instead of calmly putting it to my esr, I whacked it full foce into my eye.

Despite my pain, I calmly said; "Hello" and carried on a normal semblance of a converstaion.

...another BLACK EYE, another embarassing story that I had to keep repeating when everine asked, "How'd you get your black eye?"

Gee tribe said...

I was getting out of the car a few weeks ago and somehow banged my head into the top corner of the door, but not just my head, it was the sharp corner of the door into my temple! For some reason it didn't bruise much but it was quite painful for a week or two.
Not heaps silly but I couldn't figure out how I'd done it.
I hope your fingers don't fall off Pete, but if you are actually a Savage, then maybe that explains it.

Lucas Parry said...

Ouch!! Sorry mate. Who needs thumbs nowadays anyway?? They are WAY overrated. I think its sexy only having one thumb.

Deb said...

hey Pete....I don't mean to laugh at your pain, but you recount the whole thing with such good humour!

flying chick said...

(oops, almost left my name typo'd as 'flying hick'!!)

So one Christmas when I was young and idealistic, black eye chick told me if I swung around a pole on my aunty's verandah fast enough, I would be able to fly off the end. Inspired, I charged around the pole, launched myself off the verandah and ended up 'flying' to hospital to get stitches just above my eye....

I guess I forgot the magic feather...

Rinni said...

lol at all the mishaps! Mine aren't nearly as exciting (I've never had a black eye from a phone or stitches from flying!).

I did however stick two of my fingers on a stove hotplate even though dad had just warned me that it was extremely hot after being accidentally left on for about 2 hours...I still remember the throbbing and the blanched skin peeling back! Of course it was my right hand too.

I also managed to split my lip open on the lid of the guinea pig cage.