Saturday, 28 April 2007

CC, Sam, Roo and Dad

I finally figured out I could make little videos on my regular camera today. I'm a bit slow! Here's my first one.

We had been riding around for about an hour and lay down for a rest :) Gee I look bald. i guess its the view everybody sees all the time ;)


Zarna said...

That's what we get to look at all the time! feel sorry for the rest of us. lol j/kidding

Rinni said...

At least the videos you take on your camera don't come out all grainy like mine - My camera is supposed to be 7 megapixels!

Lol that you just discovered you can take videos on it though! :) It's an awesome function!

Livi said...

Cool vids! They work really quick on my net too!

Deb said...

LOL - classic!! Love the way Reuben interrupts the conversation so we can see his knee!!

And your bald head is fine.