Friday, 6 April 2007

Global Warming

I took this from someone else's blog i was reading. Tell me what your thoughts are!

Al Gore’s argument is that CO2, a greenhouse gas, is responsible for global warming, specifically man made CO2. Here are some inconvenient facts:

1. CO2 makes up less that 1% of our atmosphere. It is a minor greenhouse gas. A major one is water vapor.

2. The greatest producer of CO2 is the oceans. Man's contribution is way down the list.

3. We have records dating way back of the fluctuating global temperature. It happens. They have been going up (about 1 degree total) over the last 30 years. Prior to that we had a 40 year period of global cooling (during the height of carbon emitting industrial growth). Anyone remember the global cooling warnings of the 70's?

RH: I do! We did away with aeresol sprays and Freon because it was killing the ozone, making holes. So here we are, thirty years later and we are in a warming? Did our measures thirty years ago effect the atmosphere so much, we closed the ozone holes and are now experiencing a warming?

And, are the measure we take now going to cause some unanticipated effect in twenty-five years?

4. Al Gore showed a graph of CO2 levels from arctic core samples and compared it to a temperature change graph. What he didn't do is overlay the graphs. If he had, you would have seen that the change in CO2 followed years after the "corresponding" temperature change. A little problem with the order of cause and effect.

5. The size of the polar caps fluctuates regularly. This happens on Mars also, and its polar caps are currently shrinking. Can you guess what might be affecting the temperature on two different planets?

6. All the heat on earth comes from the Sun. Al Gore failed to consider the Sun's impact in his calculations.

7. If you overlay graphs of solar activity (like sun spots, flares, and solar wind) with temperature changes, they correspond almost perfectly.

So the real question is if global warming is not being determined through true and thorough scientific processes, why all the noise? My guess is it's political and way beyond American politics. We're talking global agendas that are way scarier than Al Gore's prognostications.

Do you believe Global Warming is a reality?
Yes - Absolutly True
I'm not sure
No - It's a hoax
No - It's motivated by a political agenda
No - It's related to solar activity (like sun spots, flares, and solar wind)
I'm not sure, but probably true
I'm not sure, but probably not true
Other - I will leave my answer as a comment
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Bob said...

Global warming is caused by hot air by manipulating polly's

Deb said...

I don't know enough science to figure everything out....but I do know human behaviour impacts the environment quite profoundly and it's worth thinking through how we can increase positive impact and reduce negative impact...

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