Saturday, 14 April 2007

Time wasting!

I think I've got too much time on my hands when i can fit in all this blogging.

This week the boys went away with Naomi's parents for 3 days. It was great! I went to work, then came home to a peaceful house each day. With no kids! wahooo! well carissa was home and Naomi :) (she can be a bit noisy sometimes too ;) Naomi that is. i hope she didn't read that ;) ). Apart from that pretty tranquil. Well... Naomi blew chunks the first day(excuse the Amercanism, i like the phrase), and moaned how sick she was for the next 2 days. Apart from that fairly quite. she's not pregnant by the way! hahaha! i made sure that wouldn't happen again. If you know what i mean! Lets just say i still have nightmares! If you know what i mean.. Do you know what i mean?... Its not what you think, if you know what i mean...are you sure you know what i mean? i hope not!

I know a lot of people journal on their blog. I personally like to remain a bit private. But i thought i would give it a go. They say if you be a bit personal on your blog you get more followers. i know no one reads my blog so i will be pretty safe revealing my deepest secrets. I'm pretty shallow actually. I'm not sure if I've got any secrets.. but here goes..

sorry cant think of anything.

I'll try again tomorrow.



Nomes said...

Nice how sweet you are to me when I am Sick Sick have revealed your darker side here, chuckling over my vomit.

More journalling please. You are here for our amusement.

Bob said...

I was just looking at those monkeys on the bikes, and wondered what they would do if they got their tails caught in the chain. I know I have a bad sense of humour.

pete said...

it wouldnt be to pretty if they got their tails caught in the chain. ;0


Rinni said...

Yes, you are here for our entertainment so more journalling!

Don't be mean to Naomi when she's sick - she'll whinge more! (I give her permission!)

And yes, I know what you mean! Or do I....?

Lucas Parry said...

No Pete, I don't know what you mean?? Please explain....... ;) My mind is drawing 'blanks'??

curious said...


Do a post and dedicate it to what you are talking about so we all get the picture.