Sunday, 16 September 2007

Winner: "Most Awkward Use of Sermon Visuals" Award

I read this on a blog recently it cracked me up.

My good friend Chris, told me this story a couple years ago about his middle-America church, and I've been itching to blog it, but never felt I had permission.
That is, until he commented in a thread a couple items below about trying-not-to-laugh moments:
Our pastor, who is rather distant at times, was doing a teaching on communion, and put a slide up during the teaching, to emphasize the point that 'bread is life'.
Some of the more art-sensitive people noticed something about the slide, and had to look away. Some of the teen-aged boys noticed it too, and the snickering started. The pastor didn't notice.
And some gasping. But it gets worse:
After the teaching, he called the ushers forward to serve communion and instructed the video person to put that slide back up so that we could meditate upon it.
Various subdued reactions from muted laughter to restrained retching as people contemplated the image...then our campus minister went to the back and convinced the video person to go to a black screen.

Make sure you click on the link that slide

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