Sunday, 28 January 2007

Maltesers or Gungees?

This week at work we had some vandals come in twice. The first time they thought they would do number two's in the kids sandpit and the second time they broke in by kicking in a door. Nothing was taken as a assume they took off when they heard the alarm.
At lunch we were all talking about it and i said, "if i saw anyone doing that i would kick them right square up the rear end as he was doing it. One of the lady's I work with said "yeah and make sure you'd get his gungees as well". I said "Gungees?" She replied, "yeah you know his maltesers!"
Another lady from across the room oblivious to the conversation said "oh!! I love Maltesers!!!".
I nearly fell off the chair laughing. everyone killed themselves laughing.
Very funny!!


Lucas said...

Wrong!!!! ;)

Nomes said...

Weird people @ your work! All these code names!?!

Because I love Maltesers too.

Vandals are terrible and I hope they feel ashamed of themselves doing that at a preschool!

Zarna said...

where do you work?!?!?