Monday, 5 February 2007

7 Years in Tibet!

Hi everyone

We had a great week last week. With a few events happening. Naomi had her 27th birthday and we had a little party. She got lots of presents. She loves presents in case you didn't know. Every week I've gotta make sure she gets some kind of present. Ohhhh the drag of it! lol. We've been married 7 years now! so I figure that's a big enough present now! Doesn't get much better than that. lol.

How did Darth Vader know it was Luke's birthday?...............He felt his presence! ha!

Carissa had an operation on her eye in Orange, cant be bothered telling the whole story. She did well. Click HERE to hear Naomi's rave on about it.
We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!! Cant be bothered telling the whole story, she did well. Ahhhh.... just joking (we haven't celebrated yet because it was Carissa's operation day). But we are going to make up for it by celebrating it every night this week!! (Don't read into that!!)

Samuel had his first day at school. All the other parents were crying! We were celebrating!! Yahooo! He gets a bit more tired from school now and isn't so hyper! It's so peaceful right now because he's asleep. The things that excite you when you have kids!!lol
We saw my big sister Jo, my bro in-law Mic and my beautiful niece Chloe in Bathurst. They have just come back from England. We had a fantastic day hanging out on the top of Mt Panorama, some gardens and at Macca's. We came back sunburnt and with heat-stroke but it was great. Love ya Jo! You're the best sister in the world! Along with the other one of course :)This has nothing to do with the week. i just liked the photo! How cool are my kids!


Bob Gould said...

Mr Savage, I wonder if that photo of Nick will attract a girlfriend. It was a good party, even if I'm old. The young ones keep you young,or at least on you toes.

Anonymous said...

I think Nick looks cute!

Anonymous said...

nick is sooo hot! yum! yum!

Bob Gould said...

Is Anonymous a male or female. Old or young. I was wondering what sort of person that look would attract. I'm sure Nick would be pleased, as long as Anonymous is not big hairy bloke. I suppose thats the fun of being anonymous, no one will ever know.

Zarna said...

I think anonymous is nick! who else would think he's hot? ;p
PS I can't be bothered signing in

Deb said...

LOL, nice pics Pete, they WERE good parties....BUT - I think you need to up your game, get Naomi a present every day instead of every week :P

(they don't all need to be bought; get creative with craft from work, roadside flowers etc.) ;)

Nomes said...


Nomes said...

Do you totally love Tibet? :)

Thanks for referring people to my "rave on", great how after 7 years of marriage I can finish even your online blurbs for you.

Zarna, don't pick on Nick - don't you know how muscley he is!?!?:)

Zarna said...

I'm not scared of nick!!! bring it on!