Monday, 26 February 2007

Things you find on the front page of the local newspaper!

Peter Rees - Parkes Early Childhood Centre' first ever male child care worker - is proving a real hit with staff and children alike. Peter had as much fun as the children during this painting session


Rinni said...

You're a local celebrity!

Bob said...

I knew you would make it one day, Sav. That is a good photo of you and the "tin lids", and now you are famous. More music, this is cool.

Livi said...

You are so cool! You made the FRONT PAGE! AWSOME! :)

Deb said...

'Peter makes local history' - congrats!!

Good interview...and front in, YOU are the colour photo, the feature history maker!!

*has the delirious song in her head*

*then the bit where Mum and Dad get carried away being silly singing 'I'm gonna run into your arms, into your arms again'...*